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More than fifty years ago people began building swimming pools of concrete. In addition, for thousands of years, man has built boats constructed from wood. However, in the mid 1950's, fiberglass was introduced to both of these industries, and a quiet revolution began.

Fiberglass offers numerous advantages that "concrete" and wood simply cannot. The surface of a San Juan Pool is "satin smooth," not rough and abrasive. The fiberglass composite is an inert material, which will not affect water chemistry and prohibits algae penetration, therefore it simplifies water maintenance procedures and eliminates pool refinishing. On a monthly basis the cost of chemicals, electricity and maintenance are lower.

San Juan Pools cost an average of 10 to 12% more than old fashion cement pools. Between the two, cement pools are the cheapest pools you can buy, the San Juan Fiberglass pool is the most expensive. However, you will make up the difference in price by saving up to 70% on chemicals. You save up to 30% on electricity costs because your pump and filter do not need to run as long to flush the porous surface of the cement pool. The San Juan Fiberglass Pool will never require remarciting, average cost $2,500.00. When you add up the differences, you will save thousands of dollars by installing a San Juan Fiberglass Pool in your garden, and your home will magnify your family togetherness.

These are just a few reasons to buy a San Juan fiberglass pool. If you would like more details, please feel free to contact us.





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