• The Charlotte Spa

    The Charlotte Spa is a quaint fiberglass spa with a kidney shape. It is a smaller spa design capable of holding up to 8-10 bathers at a time. Perfect for indoor use, you'll commonly find this popular ...

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    The Charlotte Spa
  • The Seaside

    The Seaside is a fun fiberglass pool designed to entertain multiple swimmers. It provides both comforts for casual conversation and space for adventurous swimmers. We love the this design because of ...

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    The Seaside
  • The Crystal Springs

    The Crystal Springs The Crystal Springs - Fiberglass Pool & Spa Hybrid Model Alas, we've spent enough time advertising San Juan's huge selection of fiberglass swimming pools. Instead, we believe ...

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    The Crystal Springs
  • The Royale Spa

    The Royale Spa is a stunning fiberglass spa designed to soothe and relax the soul. Perfectly paired with outdoor landscaping, this spa blends right into any outdoor oasis! The Royale Spa : A Kidney ...

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    The Royale Spa
  • The Scottsdale Tanning Ledge

    The Scottsdale Tanning Ledge provides the perfect square basin for you to pull up a ledge lounger and soak in some of those warm summer rays. It provides plenty of seating space and can easily hold ...

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    The Scottsdale Tanning Ledge
  • The Sydney Spa

    The Sydney Spa is a roomy & free form fiberglass spa with A LOT of bench seating. This fiberglass spa is large enough to hold up to 8 bathers at a time. You'll love it's 20' 1" length & flat ...

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    The Sydney Spa

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