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The San Juan Pools CoolPV System

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The San Juan Pools cooling ponds are made in Lakeland, Fl Eloy, AZ or Wolcott IN. They form the key cooling component of an engineered system called CoolPV which uses thermal solar panels made by FAFCO in Chico, CA and solar electric modules made by SolarWorld in Portland, OR. to provide residential solar electrical power.

This means the oldest U.S. fiberglass pool manufacturer, the oldest U.S. solar thermal manufacturer and the oldest U.S. electric photovoltaic manufacturers have partnered to provide a unique system which can provide 20% more household electricity than a standard PV.

The thermal load that builds up in the pool water (used in cooling the CoolPV chips on your roof) dissipates from the San Juan fiberglass pool overnight.

Note: San Juan Pools, FAFCO and SolarWorld have all existed longer than the period of their guarantees.

Background info on San Juan Pools CoolPV

Finally! The promised benefits of clean abundant Solar Electricity for your home.

San Juan Pools®, the originator of the one-piece fiberglass pool (started in Seattle, Wa in 1958), has partnered with FAFCO®, a leading Solar Manufacturing Company located in Chico, California and SolarWorld’s®, US manufacturer of the state of the art solar electric technology.

Having spent over ten years with the US Navy and the National Renewable Energy Lab, CoolPV represents a huge technological leap forward as the first hybrid solar electric system that can generate increased electricity by cooling the solar PV panel with water.

CoolPV®, Uses FAFCO®’s state of the art solar thermal technology, SolarWorld’s® state of the art solar electric technology, and San Juan’s fiberglass pools as cooling ponds

Together the System is an enhanced solar electric system that generates electricity and dissipates heat by running cool water under the same panel on the same roof space.

Because the CoolPV solar electric panel is “cooled”, it generates more electrical power than a stand-alone PV panel. Your San Juan Fiberglass Pool completes the power cycle when it dissipates the load of the heated water.

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