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Pacific fiberglass pool, click for this Award entry
Name:   Pacific Fiberglass Pool
Location:   Lockport, Ill.
Dealer:   San Juan Pools - Fiberglass Pools of IL.
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Pacific fiberglass poolThis 16 by 40 foot pool and 8 foot spa are housed in a 25 by 50 foot pool enclosure so the homeowners can enjoy the waters any time, in any weather.

The concrete deck has a radiant heating system so there's no worry of cold toes. And if the rest of the body is a bit chilly, the ceiling opens up to allow the sun to shine in.

When not in use, the pool is secured by a cover system that neatly retracts into the floor at the deep end.

All the equipment is operated by a remote control system which covers the fiber-optic lighting, heater and spa jet system.

Finally, the planter has a waterfall that spills directly into the pool for an artistic touch.

Manatee fiberglass pool, click for this Award entry
Name:   Manatee Fiberglass Pool
Location:   Leesburg, Ind.
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Manatee fiberglass poolWhen these homeowners decided they wanted a pool in the backyard, the builders scratched their heads and went to work.

the slope of the yard toward a pond created a degree of difficulty, but even more challenging was maintaining the structural integrity of the homes foundation. A massive retaining wall system was constructed for support.

The pool rests on 16 feet of pea gravel to allow for proper elevation. Brick coping and pavers surround the pool helping add elegance and beauty.

Where the pool rests is actually part of the home and no the landscaping. The home incorporates two stone decks into its design, with the pool resting on the first deck.

Atlantic fiberglass pool, click for this Award entry
Name:   Atlantic Fiberglass Pool
Location:   Raleigh, N.C.
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Atlantic fiberglass poolSet among a curving walk, stone walls and fish ponds, this 16 by 33 foot pool is part of a scene designed to emulate a mountain brook. Water flows from pond to pond in a 40 foot descending waterfall while goldfish swim amongst the river stone. A stepping stone path leads to a strategically placed bench swing on the outer bank of the pond.

Meanwhile, the hourglass-shaped pool is surrounded by cantilevered, stamped concrete decking. The cantilever style, combined with the sandy color of the concrete helps the pool play its role-- imitating a watering hole in the hills.

Special features of the pool itself include fiber-optic lighting, ozone-treated water and an automatic safety cover that is covered by a long planter when not in use.

A spa near the base of the stairs leading to the pool deck offers a warm-water respite, as well.

Seaside fiberglass pool, click for this Award entry
Name:   Seaside Fiberglass Pool
Location:   New Burgh, Ind.
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Seaside fiberglass poolWhen this project began, it was a simple pool for the grandchildren. Soon, however, it became a fully appointed pool house overlooking the modest 12 by 28 foot pool. Thus, it won a local Parade of Homes competition and had been showcased in House to Home Magazine.

The open bar area of the pool house is lined on its three sides with large mirrors that give views of the pool and many of the homes across the lake. The structure also has a full bath, storage space and all the pool equipment.

The pool itself features a prefab planter / sheeting waterfall, a bench built into the 6 foot deep end, and three simple steps leading into the shallow end. Fiber optics illuminate it at night.

Newport fiberglass pool, click for this Award entry
Name:   Newport Fiberglass Pool
Location:   Jefferson County, Colo.
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Newport fiberglass poolPracticing what she preaches made this home owner fall in love with this one-piece fiberglass pool and spa combination. The owner, an author who does extensive studies on health and nutrition, was sold on this unit immediately, and credits the spa therapy and pool exercise for improvement with her chronic back problems.

Helping her achieve that was this 12 by 34 foot pool, with five water jets that one can swim against. The jets can be slowed to be used by people doing water aerobics. And this unit allows going from cool-water exercise to hot-water therapy quickly.

Indoor/Outdoor carpeting covers the deck, while automatic covers keep the pool clean between uses and cuts down on maintenance costs.

Oasis fiberglass pool, click for this Award entry
Name:   Oasis Fiberglass Pool
Location:   Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.
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Oasis fiberglass poolA two-tiered planter doubles as the top of a long sheeting waterfall, providing the centerpiece for this property.

Other features include the hand-carved cypress gazebo, a fiberglass spa nestled behind the central planter, and several other strategically placed outcroppings.

The slide adds an element of whimsy as users plunge into the 8 foot deep part of the 16 by 40 foot pool.

In the shallow end, a graceful bench/entry step combination becomes a quiet spot for enjoying the sights, sounds and smells  not only of the property, but also the nearby sugar-white beach along the Gulf of Mexico.

Oceanside fiberglass pool, click for this Award entry
Name:   Oceanside Fiberglass Pool
Location:   Baltimore, Md.
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Oceanside fiberglass poolIt floats! Similar to an inground pool with decking and fencing, this pool installation has a unique feature--it actually floats.

Located in a private, 500-slip marina near Baltimore, the pool is used by members who've docked their yachts.

This marina is one of the largest on the East Coast, and marina membership requested the installation. Tidewater's builders had to first make a presentation., and the membership had to vote on it. In addition, the installation had to be approved by the Corp of Engineers.

This 16 by 40 foot Oceanside model is set in a floating base which can be moved from slip to slip. Specially designed for it mobile role, this pool is registered as a vessel with the U.S. Coast Guard. Surrounding it is Trex wood decking.

Fiber-optic lighting completes the unusual package.

Oceanside fiberglass pool, click for this Award entry
Name:   Oceanside Fiberglass Pool
Location:   Rapid City, S.D.
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Oceanside fiberglass poolLocated on the edge of the Black Hills, this pool and spa area is the focal point of a new Holiday Inn Express.

Made of one-piece fiberglass, the 16.5 by 40.5 foot pool features a one step area that extends across the shallow end. This provides a comfortable place to sit and entertain small children. There are suction fittings at the deep end for the future addition of a waterslide.

In addition to the pool, there are two 7 by 10 foot fiberglass spas. This was done to allow two different groups to enjoy the spa without feeling crowded. Each spa has controls located at arm's reach.

A rock wall made from limestone separates the two spa areas and extends from a waterfall located at the corner.

The pool and spas have a green ceramic tile at the waterline and are bordered with a copper-toned brick coping. Meanwhile, the deck area is an expanse of epoxy stone.

Lakeside fiberglass pool, click for this Award entry
Name:   Lakeside Fiberglass Pool
Location:   Dearborn, Mich.
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Lakeside fiberglass poolSize is not everything, believe these home owners. Not allowed to have a pool in this community because of space limitations, these owners found a way around it. They persuaded city officials that their 10 by 18 foot one-piece fiberglass pool could be classified as a spa. It has 14 jets for a swim-spa effect, while the constant depth of 4 feet, 4 inches makes it easy to work out in.

An attractive focal point is the wrap-around brick decking that is placed in racetrack fashion around the installation. The reddish tone of the brick compliments the lush landscaping, while the nearby pond and golf course make it all the more interesting.

Landscape lighting adds a final dramatic touch.

Gulf Breeze fiberglass pool, click for this Award entry
Name:   Gulf Breeze Fiberglass Pool
Location:   Littleton, Colo.
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Gulf Breeze fiberglass poolAn ultimate vacation spot has been created right inside this Colorado customer's home. Whether relaxation, entertainment or exercise is on the agenda, this 8 by 17 foot one-piece fiberglass pool fits the bill.

The pool stays at a constant depth of 4 feet and includes swim jets to provide a vigorous workout.

Even grander is the beautiful gray and black imported Italian marble in a geometric pattern that surrounds the main attraction. An attractive matching marble bench for a comfortable seating or to lay a towel on doubles as a base for the unit's controls.

The pool is located in a loft at the home. Wide windows provide a panorama of the mountains and a breathtaking view.

A light in the pool, as well as an automatic cover, complete the installation.

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